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Ford 9N, 2N, 8N Tractor Funk Conversions

First of all, What is a Funk Conversion? The 9N, 2N and 8N could be converted to run a six-cylinder or an eight-cylinder Ford industrial engine. This conversion was made possible by a company called "Funk Aviation" (Funk Aircraft Company) based in Coffeyville, Kansas. This is how the name "Funk Conversion" came about.

The Funk brothers had designed an aircraft in the late 30s known as the Model B or B-75-L. Initially they used a modified version of a Ford engine, but prior to production, changed over to a Lycoming engine which was then used in the aircraft produced for the Army Air Corps during World War II. The Ford engine design did not go to waste, becoming an engine that could be applied to the Ford N-series Tractors.

While the Funk brother's aircraft did not gain popularity and even after the war they were unable to market their civilian version successfully, their tractor modification proved to be very successful with farmers trying to increase production while being limited as to what they could purchase due to wartime restrictions on production.

Funk Aviation started making these kits available in 1943 for the six-cylinder conversion. From 1949 to 1950 they had the kit available for the V-8 conversion. The very last conversion made available was in 1952, it was a valve-in-head straight six conversion.

Quite a few modifications are involved. Just to give you an idea, here is a parts list of the components that were available in the Funk Six-Cylinder Conversion Kit:

  • Exhaust stack, pipe and muffler
  • Case
  • Rear engine plate
  • Flywheel housing ring
  • Timing gear cover
  • Two transmission side brackets
  • Two steering rod extensions
  • Generator pulley
  • Generator bracket
  • Starter Bendix drive, starter housing and bearing, exchange armature
  • Solenoid starter clamp
  • Starter cable
  • Radiator, radiator hoses
  • Hood

There was another company that offered conversion kits, this company was the "Glover Equipment Company" of Milford, Illinois. The kits were very similar to the Funk Aviation kits.

All of the kits boosted the Ford 9N, 2N and 8N tractors up from a two-bottom plow capacity to a three-bottom plow capacity. The 8-cylinder Conversion Kit boosted the 8N up to a whopping 100 horsepower!

Conversion kits are still being offered today. I'm pretty sure that they are no longer being made by "Funk Avaiation" or the "Glover Equipment Company" but I've heard that there are a few different companies that have them available. I personally only know of one. Last I heard the V-8 Conversion Kit was $850.00 plus shipping. It could be more or less, the address below is provided for you to perform your own research on the matter. I've never bought a kit, so I can't give testimony on the quality of the kit or the company:

R. L. Stauffer, Inc.
7780 S. US 27
Portland, IN 47371

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