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350 Utility

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MrGadget: Harold?

10-08-1999 13:44:03

Report to Moderator

Just read your response to "Smallest w/ 3pt..." and saw the part about "International 340, NOT Farmall 340". Now I'm wondering what I just bought! I got what I THOUGHT was an IH350 Utility, sn 1075 on right side of clutch housing, two weeks ago out in SW Nebraska. Did I get a Farmall or an IH? and what's the difference?

It's red with a white grill, kinda rounded like the 300 Utility in the Tractor Shed area of this site.

It's gas, not diesel. It has like new (says 16.9 x 28 on the TREAD yet) rear tires. It has a loader on it, integral reservoir with the pump run off a PTO shaft on the FRONT of the tractor. The loader actuator levers are mounted on the right side loader frame. Would this tractor have "live" (independent) rear PTO?

It has a "fast hitch" with a vertically mounted hydraulic cylinder behind the left side rear axle (not OVER the axle as some I have seen). The single hydraulic block and lever is located to the right of the seat (can that be added on to?). The farmer says he has a set of 3pt conversion arms that he'll give, and a manual.

The reason it's not home yet, is there's an old retired feller out there who's daddy had a Farmall/IH dealership, he grew up around those tractors and now has his dad's old shop, and fixes older tractors for the local farmers.

I got a call from the ole boy this A.M., apparently he got it running, is converting it from 6 volt generator system to a 12 volt alternator for me, and is redoing the brakes. Wanted to know if I wanted him to drain and replace all fluids, or whether I wanted to do that myself.

Can you identify my tractor from what I have provided here, and give me as much info as you did on that 504? And was $1200 too much for this tractor considering that it need brakes, but has new tires?

Thanks in advance for this and other info you have given me on my 560. Glenn H.

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MrG: Thanks Guys!

10-08-1999 23:13:33

Report to Moderator
 Re: 350 Utility in reply to MrGadget: Harold?, 10-08-1999 13:44:03  
Now I understand the difference between a "Farmall" and an "International". Mine is not a row-crop tractor. It's a wide front Utility model. The seat sits right on the differential housing between 28" wheels (did I mention the NEW tires?), your feet straddle the tranny, the battery (in it's non-existant battery box) is right between your knees.

The steering wheel says "power steering" on it, but evidently its a replacement for the original, 'cuz this girl's got the "armstrong" kind. It does have a PTO shaft at the rear, how can I tell if it's "live" or not?

I found a some specs on jgrodey's website for a 350 rowcrop, that say the Farmall 350 is a 5300# tractor. Really? Mine doesn't seem big enough to weigh that much. Also a 175 CID gas engine at 36 hp NE test #611. Does this test & spec sheet apply to the IH350 Utility also?

BTW, that same site says the first serial # for the Farmall 350 in 1957 was 1030. Do the 350 Farmall, and the IH350 Utility share the same range of serial #'s? I.E. are they both part of and variations on the same 12,291 tractors made '56-'58? Or are these two completely differnet tractor models with differnet specs, test, and serial # ranges? If different, where can I find a spec sheet and/or test info for the IH350 Utility (assuming Nebraska even tested it!)

And I wonder who built the loader? It's a white (at least now it is) round tubular frame sort of thing (pretty stout looking, really). The tubular frame itself is the hydrualic fuild reservoir. The controls and valves are mounted on the right side vertical support.

Hate to keep pestering you guys, but at the moment yuo are my first, best, only source of info. Thanks agian. Glenn H.

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Harold H

10-09-1999 08:18:23

Report to Moderator
 Re: Re: 350 Utility in reply to MrG: Thanks Guys!, 10-08-1999 23:13:33  

The Farmall 350 and the International 350 Utility each had their own serial number series. Starting Farmall 350; 56 501, 57 1004, 58 14175, International 350; 56 501, 57 1963, 58 15049. The Farmalls and Internationals also had different Nebraska tests as follows; Farmall 350 gas #611, Farmall 350 LPG #622, Farmall 350 diesel #609, International 350 gas #615, International 350 LPG #619, and International 350 diesel #610. The shipping weight of a Farmall 350 gasoline was 4715 lbs. The shipping weight of a International 350 Utility was 4178 lbs. If your International 350 is equipped with a IPTO there is a large handle that runs parallel besides the seat with a button on the end (on the Farmall this handle stands straight up). You pull this handle up to engage the PTO without pushing the clutch. If your tractor has a regular PTO there is a smaller lever that goes down by the PTO and you must first push in the clutch then pull this handle up then release the clutch and the PTO turns. Your loader may be an IHC loader, Pippin loader, or Wagner loader. All were available from the factory. The IHC loader of that time was more of a farm loader and the Pippin and Wagner brands were IHC's offer as an industrial loader (and backhoe). I think I've covered most of your questions but if you have more post them and me or somebody will answer them.

Harold H

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Harold H

10-09-1999 10:02:51

Report to Moderator
 Re: Re: Re: 350 Utility in reply to Harold H, 10-09-1999 08:18:23  

I just wanted to make an additional comment on tractor weight. The advertised shipping weight of the International 350 Utility gasoline was 4178 lbs. The actual weight of the International 350 Utility gasoline as received for testing at Nebraska was 4265 lbs which is very close to advertised. They test with and without ballast. The weight of the International 350 gasoline as testd with ballast was 6115 lbs. When you go to adding both liquid and cast iron to a tractor it is easy to add 2000 lbs or more to the original weight. The Farmall 350 gasoline as received at Nebraska weighed 5175 vs an advertised weight of 4715 because of some various options. For the ballasted test the Farmall 350 weighed 8339 lbs showing they added more than 3000 lbs of ballast for the test. The point is, you cannot ever go buy just the advertised shipping weight.

Harold H

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MrG: NE test # 615

10-09-1999 11:39:18

Report to Moderator
 Re: Re: Re: Re: 350 Utility in reply to Harold H, 10-09-1999 10:02:51  
So, where can I find the test results for NE test #615 (IH350U gasser) Since I live 20 miles from Lincoln, who/where would I go to get the whole shebang, or is it available on a website that I can just print out? Thanks again, GH

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Harold H

10-09-1999 18:29:16

Report to Moderator
 Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: 350 Utility in reply to MrG: NE test # 615, 10-09-1999 11:39:18  
You can request complete copies of Nebraska Ttests from the University of Nebraska. They have a web site but I lost all of my bookmarks a while back and don't know it. Just for basic information, the International 350 Utility gasoline test #615 which was conducted April 24 to May 1, 1957 yielded a maximum of 39.53 db hp and 43.32 belt hp which corrected for sea level is 40.57 db hp and 44.94 belt hp. (belt hp is the same thing as pto hp) The maximum belt hp of 43.32 was observed at maximum load for two hours. Maximum db hp of 39.53 was observed pulling 2771 lbs at 5.35 mph in 3rd gear. Maximum lbs pull test yielded 36.09 db hp pulling 5576 lbs at 2.43 mph in 1st gear. If you can't get a copy from the U of N, e-mail me and i will make a copy and mail it to you.

Harold H

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MrG.: Thanks again....

10-09-1999 11:25:39

Report to Moderator
 Re: Re: Re: Re: 350 Utility in reply to Harold H, 10-09-1999 10:02:51  
Guess I'll just have to run 'er 'cross the scale at the CO-OP here in Garland on the way home (I can peek in the window and read the digital, even in the middle of the night). I already know my GMC weighs 6000 and the flatbed weighs 1450, so it shouldn't take a Rhodes scholar to figure out the differnce (I'll just have to accept the total, as I'm NOT gonna pull that loader off just for giggles...paint maybe, but not for giggles!)

Thanks again for inof, and DOUBLE thanks for timely response. Glenn H.

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big fred

10-09-1999 00:24:55

Report to Moderator
 Re: Re: 350 Utility in reply to MrG: Thanks Guys!, 10-08-1999 23:13:33  
New tires? Nice. You can tell if the PTO is live by engaging it (depress the clutch first, then engage, if you aren't sure which type it is) then depress the clutch. If the PTO stops, you have a "non-live", or transmission-driven PTO. If it keeps turning regardless of the clutch, you have a "live" or "independent" PTO. That's assuming everything is in working order and the seasonal disconnect sleeve is engaged. The manual will explain about the seasonal disconnect, assuming you are getting a manual. In short, it is a coupling sleeve that can be used to disable the PTO when it is not needed or not desired, such as if the tractor is going to be used for loader work exclusively.

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MrG.Thanks Fred...

10-09-1999 08:07:51

Report to Moderator
 Re: Re: Re: 350 Utility in reply to big fred, 10-09-1999 00:24:55  
I kinda figured it was gonna be a "get your hands dirty" and find out sorta thing. I suppose, too, that continous shaft rotation might be deceiving in that, without a load, it could just be "free-wheelin"? (No, I'm not gonna grab holt of it to find out!)

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big fred

10-09-1999 12:53:38

Report to Moderator
 Re: Re: Re: Re: 350 Utility in reply to MrG.Thanks Fred..., 10-09-1999 08:07:51  
An IPTO in need of adjustment will sometimes free-wheel, and I think that's the reason they have the seasonal disconnect. A transmission-driven PTO shouldn't free-wheel, especially if you shift the trans into gear.

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Harold H

10-08-1999 18:10:25

Report to Moderator
 Re: 350 Utility in reply to MrGadget: Harold?, 10-08-1999 13:44:03  

The answers Don gave you are correct. The easiest way to tell the International 350 Utility from the Farmall is the profile. The Farmall has a high profile with the seat on top of a flat platform. The rear wheels are 38" and slide on long axles. The International 350 Utility has 24 or 28 inch rear wheels held on to the end of the axle flange with lugs bolts. The operator sits low and straddles the transmission. Of course the wheel size and rear axles can be deceiving as the International 350 Hi Clear Utility has the same rear axles and wheel sizes as the Farmall but still has the lower seating position and shorter wheelbase of the International Utility. All 350's were available from the factory with 4 pto options: no PTO but set up for regular PTO, no PTO but set up for IPTO, with regular PTO, or with IPTO. As mentioned on the 504, there was also a true elevaded high clearance version of the Farmall, the Farmall 504 Hi-Clear. Three point hitch was not an option but 3 point adaptors work good with the 2 point hitch and some were converted to 3 point using the same lift arms but installing 3 point lower arms and a top link. You can add an additional hydraulic valve. It was available with either one or two auxilary valves in addition to the hitch control valve. I think the $1200 is a very resonable price.

Harold H

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Don H.

10-08-1999 16:14:34

Report to Moderator
 Re: 350 Utility in reply to MrGadget: Harold?, 10-08-1999 13:44:03  
Your tractor appears to be an International 350 utility made in 1956. Serial numbers on that series began with 501 so yours would have been the 575th built. The difference between Farmall and International is only in the style of the tractor. IH called row crop tractors "Farmall" and utilities, standards, construction models and maybe some other specialized models were referred to as "International".

The 3 pt arms for yours were an aftermarket product so your fast hitch tractor could accommodate other 3 pt attachments. It was not a 3 pt hitch tractor but just used a conversion to make it work with 3 pt implements. I have those for my 350 high utility and they work just fine.

The rest of your description sounds like a regular 350 utility. The location of the hydraulic ram for the drawbar is correct. It might have had live pto because that was an option on the tractor and many were equipped that way, although I have seen some that were not.

Good luck with your tractor. I think you will like it.

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10-08-1999 16:33:12

Report to Moderator
 Re: Re: 350 Utility in reply to Don H., 10-08-1999 16:14:34  
Have the same tractor with a Lord Loader, no rear PTO, serial #4900. Seems like a great price, depending on how many hours on it. Check that gas bowl for rusty sediment; gas tank repair is not cheap! Also, if it has power steering, see how noisy it is with a load in the bucket. Tractor won't do much without quite a bit of weight on the rear. GOOD LUCK!!!!

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