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$9.98 Motor Overhaul

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05-13-1999 12:16:29

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Believe it or not the stuff seems to work. My 8N was smoking so badly that if you
put your hand over the exhaust, it would be
completely black with oil in about a minute.
I mean it was so bad sometimes it was hard
to breath. My dad gave me these pellets he
ordered from JC Whitney, you just put them
down the spark plug holes. And guess what,
after about a half hour of operation, no more
smoke.. and it seems to be getting stronger.
So far I've run it for about 2 hours since.

Has anybody else tried this stuff? Eventually
I'd like to do a real rebuild, but I neither
have the time nor money now.

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Mike S

05-14-1999 14:53:48

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 Re: $9.98 Motor Overhaul in reply to Bob, 05-13-1999 12:16:29  
An engineer friend says that it is a compound of bronze powder and some binder that breaks down when heated. It is attracked to the hotter parts of an engine, for example, where main bearings are scored. The material will fill in the scored areas. According to him it does work, but as everyone has suggested it is a temporary fix. But it does last longer in a low rev engine versus a high output high revving one. If you are ultimately planning a rebuild, it shouldn't hurt anything, cause the bearings it made a little better will be replaced. I believe my friend said that a friend of his at Aberdeen proving ground used it and was able to put off a rebuild in a TR3 for a year so he could sock away the money to do it right. What little bit of exposure I've had to this pixy fairy dust stuff.

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inquiring minds.........Dell (WA)

05-14-1999 10:34:47

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 Re: $9.98 Motor Overhaul in reply to Bob, 05-13-1999 12:16:29  
Bob.......did you think to check your compression before the "treatment"? Would be interesting comparison before and after.

Its somewhat like "gambling", somewhere sometime you got to pick up your chips and walk away. I think the "abrasive" explaination would cause me to be thankful for what I have RIGHT NOW, and go out and do an oil drain and filter change RIGHT NOW!!! not even wait until the 12 hrs are up.

I would make certain the oil is hot before I pulled the plug, another 1/2 hr of running to get all the abrasive crud in suspension and then dump it!!! Then I would change the oil and filter again after next saturdays brush-hoggin' which should just about clean out your oil system.

As long as you went into this experiment with your eyes wide open.......but would you buy this tractor from someone you that you knew used this "witches brew" or "pixy dust" on it?

Just my opinion..........Dell

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05-14-1999 11:18:36

Report to Moderator
 Re: Re: $9.98 Motor Overhaul in reply to inquiring minds.........Dell (WA), 05-14-1999 10:34:47  

Didn't have a compression gauge -- gotta get one of those. *grin*

I'm considering changing the oil right away,
but I don't know... the oil is now a gray color
the (same color as the pellets). It doesn't feel like there is any grit or abrasives in it. Plus,
the write up on the product doesn't claim that it is an abrasive... so I don't think it is the same
stuff as the dust somebody mentioned that was
sucked into the carb intakes back in the 70's.
That was a while ago, I don't even think teflon
was around then.

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I got a Bridge to sell.........Dell (WA)

05-15-1999 07:42:13

Report to Moderator
 Re: Re: Re: $9.98 Motor Overhaul in reply to Bob, 05-14-1999 11:18:36  
Bob......If you believe all the "hype", I got a bridge to sell you, its in Brooklyn, all you gotta' do is stand there and people throw money at you to cross the bridge. Real money maker...(grin)

I have a "teflon" frying pan from my batchlor days in the 60's.

Fine abrasives do not feel abrasive.

Still think you've been "lucky" and should change your oil before you become "un-lucky".

Just my opinion......Dell

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Sam - MD J C Whitney Sells it for $7.95

05-14-1999 08:10:21

Report to Moderator
 Re: $9.98 Motor Overhaul in reply to Bob, 05-13-1999 12:16:29  


New power for old engines! Works like a cylinder and ring job while you drive--NEW POWER for cars, trucks, tractors, and boats Do it yourself in minutes! Save on expensive repairs! Controls burning oil...helps restore fit of worn parts Restores power...renews seal of valves and rings Quiets noisy engine and valve lifters Provides easier, all-weather starts...reduces exhaust smoking

Developed by skilled automotive scientists after more than 6 years of research and laboratory and road tests! Simply drop pellets into the spark plug opening and pour engine overhaul liquid into the oil in crankcase. ENGINE OVERHAUL COMBINATION goes to work on worn areas of motor. While you drive, worn parts are plated with a metallic layer that actually renews finish and fit. Restored parts are protected and cushioned by the engine overhaul liquid, giving you thousands of miles of trouble-free driving. It flows onto bearings, valve, cylinder and piston surface, protecting them with a self-lubricating wear-resistant protective film. Pellets are special thermoactive metallic alloys. Heat and pressure of motor bond these alloys on to the worn, pitted, and scored metal of your cylinders and rings. Restores their fit, smoothness and power. No special tools or skills need to take your motor apart. NOTE: Large 8ís (Cadillacs, Buicks, Oldsmobiles, Lincolns, Chryslers) require 2 packages.

SKU Description Unit Price 16ZX0071T Complete Engine Overhaul Kit 1-Kit $7.99

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05-14-1999 08:23:45

Report to Moderator
 Re: Re: $9.98 Motor Overhaul in reply to Sam - MD J C Whitney Sells it for $7.95, 05-14-1999 08:10:21  

Must have went on sale since my Dad bought it.
What a steal. *laughing*

Hey, so far it works. I'll watch the oil
pressure though, as there may be bearing wear
noted in an earlier post.

Also, by the way, the instructions say that
the engine will keep producing more and more
power for up to 500 miles. I don't know what
this equates to in tractor hours... but I would
assume at an average car speed of 45 mph, this
is roughly 11 hours. So I'll let you guys know
after 11 hours, so far I've only run it about
2. Starting has not degraded any, still starts
right up. This weekend I'll put about 4 or 5 more on it. I'm using the front end loader
and landscape rake to clear ground of brush and
poisen ivy, in order to plant grass.

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Scott W.(AR)

05-18-1999 22:57:51

Report to Moderator
 Re: Re: Re: $9.98 Motor Overhaul in reply to Bob, 05-14-1999 08:23:45  
Good People!!

I have been lurking for a while... and couldn't resist throwing in my 2 cents...

I trust JC Whit...I have had only good experience with the parts/supplies I have purchased from them... (several VW overhaul kits and stuff for older car/truck restoration projects)

I am a user of "JB Weld" and other fine "voodoo" products...(stop leaks, etc...)

I bet a dollar you wont have any problems with the "overhaul" till you do tear her down and do a "real" re-build.

Good luck!!


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05-17-1999 05:42:32

Report to Moderator
 Re: Re: Re: $9.98 Motor Overhaul in reply to Bob, 05-14-1999 08:23:45  
I'm going to have to get some of that! My tractor (8N) will not run 45mph. Durn! Maybe a couple of packs....:o)

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05-14-1999 07:46:33

Report to Moderator
 Re: $9.98 Motor Overhaul in reply to Bob, 05-13-1999 12:16:29  
Sounds like a "Bon-Ami" treatment to me. Probably a fine abrassive compound in pelet form. We did the "B-A" treatment to an old Co-op tractor as an experiment at the dealership I worked at in the 70's. We put the tractor on the dyno and it pulled about 15HP, did the "treatment", by letting the dust get sucked in at the carb while it was on the dyno, and lo and behold, the HP slowly came up to 25HP, which was close to the PTO rating. (We did this experiment as we overhauled it later.) Now the down side; The abrassive migrated into the oil system, and lo and behold the oil pressure began to drop. When we OH'd, the bearings showed the scoring of abrassive, and the cylinders did show a roughing of the old glazing, and the rings were "sharpened", thus better sealing and oil control. But you could see it would be a very short term fix, and with the lower oil pressure, and "fines" in the oil, a more catastrophic development could take place. Just my .02

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05-14-1999 03:53:39

Report to Moderator
 Re: $9.98 Motor Overhaul in reply to Bob, 05-13-1999 12:16:29  
When something seems too good to be true, it usually is. My grandpappy used to say, stay away from products that seem to defy the laws of physics.
Happy Motoring

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05-14-1999 07:33:48

Report to Moderator
 Re: Re: $9.98 Motor Overhaul in reply to Claus, 05-14-1999 03:53:39  
I wonder what he'd say about using black pepper to stop radiator leaks?

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04-04-2004 22:04:30

Report to Moderator
 Re: Re: Re: $9.98 Motor Overhaul in reply to bg, 05-14-1999 07:33:48  
Speaking of using black pepper to stop a radiator leak... can u tell me if it will mess up the engine in any kind of way??? thanks :)

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Po Folks

05-14-1999 09:36:26

Report to Moderator
 Re: Re: Re: $9.98 Motor Overhaul in reply to bg, 05-14-1999 07:33:48  
Or Corn Meal.

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Dell (WA)

05-14-1999 10:09:57

Report to Moderator
 Re: Re: Re: Re: $9.98 Motor Overhaul in reply to Po Folks, 05-14-1999 09:36:26  
I've been known to wire a can o' pork & beans to the exhaust maniford for a hot lunch but hot cereal in the radiator???? how ya' gonna cream and sugar it?.......Dell

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05-14-1999 07:03:25

Report to Moderator
 Re: Re: $9.98 Motor Overhaul in reply to Claus, 05-14-1999 03:53:39  
Well, the only problem with that statement is, your grandpa never had a TV, VCR, or Computer. (or at least my grandfather never did) Can you see yourself today trying to explain how the internet works or how you can view websites all over the world. "yea right boy, hook that other plow up to the horse".

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05-14-1999 03:32:38

Report to Moderator
 Re: $9.98 Motor Overhaul in reply to Bob, 05-13-1999 12:16:29  
You're the first person I've met that actually ran that stuff in their engine. Interesting results. If you would be so kind, I would greatly appreciate a few more future updates on how it seems to be working after some operating hours, and an oil change or two. As in are you back to square one, or worse then before? How do your spark plugs look, etc.

Personally, when an engine gets to the point where yours is, I don't see much risk in trying a product like this. A rebuild is already called for, so playing with snake oils isn't too bad financially.

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05-14-1999 05:25:00

Report to Moderator
 Re: Re: $9.98 Motor Overhaul in reply to Nolan, 05-14-1999 03:32:38  
Exactly, I figured I didn't have anything to
lose, since the engine ran SO poorly. I mean
it didn't even have the power to reverse with
a loader scoop full of dirt sometimes.

I'll give an update after more hours of use,
as I have quite a bit of work to get done with
it this summer.

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05-13-1999 19:31:17

Report to Moderator
 Re: $9.98 Motor Overhaul in reply to Bob, 05-13-1999 12:16:29  
Sounds like fairy dust to me...

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05-14-1999 05:28:17

Report to Moderator
 Re: Re: $9.98 Motor Overhaul in reply to DickD, 05-13-1999 19:31:17  


Yeah, maybe. Who knows whats in it.

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DE - What's it called? Is it edible?

05-13-1999 18:41:49

Report to Moderator
 Re: $9.98 Motor Overhaul in reply to Bob, 05-13-1999 12:16:29  

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05-14-1999 06:02:08

Report to Moderator
 Re: Re: $9.98 Motor Overhaul in reply to DE - What's it called? Is it edible?, 05-13-1999 18:41:49  
Perhaps you could provide us with a little more info on the product. What does it claim it does? Howe does it claim to work? What's it called? Thnaks.

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05-14-1999 08:06:34

Report to Moderator
 Re: Re: Re: $9.98 Motor Overhaul in reply to Don, 05-14-1999 06:02:08  

Here's the link on JC Whitney's Web site, it
describes the product:

Before applying the "stuff" my oil pressure would
constantly jump around from 20 lbs to 40lbs. now
the reading fluctuates alot less, i.e.; the needle
is alot more steady. It still reads around 30lbs

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