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Project Journal - 950 part 2
Handle: souNdguy  
Project Name: 950 part 2  
Tractor: 950  
Started: 07:32 10/09/10  
Updated: 11:21 08/07/14  
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07:36 10/09/10

07:36 10/09/10

07:36 10/09/10

07:36 10/09/10

 07:36 10/09/10  reverse parter
today was a good day.

got 2 big boxes of parts in from a tractor buddy, so headed out to the barn after I got home from work.

I recieved front and rear fuel tank brackets, a 12v gen from a diesel 01 series, plus brackets, and some sheetmetal goodies.

Since I had to do a lil custom drilling, tapping, and rethreading a few of the brackets had to be adjusted. mostly just enlarging holes or adding a couple washers here or there to make things line up. that one front fuel tank bracket mounting point in the head with the rim of the bolt hole broke out, I ende dup welding a small tab tot he fuel tank bracket and drilling down thru the broken ear cross section, and installed a 1/4" stud... worked out great.

I also recieved a 01 series fual tank and battery box from another tractor buddy, and started adding those. again.. a washer here or different than oem fastener there, and it all finally bolted up. poor machine is a 'reverse parts machine'.. it has stuff on it right now from 4 different machines not including it's own parts... also another reason why a few things had to be persuaded into place.

I went ahead and dropepd the lil 4 bolt access panel under the crank pulley so I could change out the ratty fan belt easier and clean up that area a bit as they tend to hold gunk.

original bracket at the front of the muffler over to head/fuel tank bracket is gone, so I made another.. just hav not installed it yet. I'm also fabricating a heat shield that will go over the muffler. I've already cut it out of some thin-ish sheet metal stock I had, and will drill it and roll the edge over tomorrow.. er friday.. I work a double on thursday.

I have an old metal fuel line from another refurb I can adapt for this one. replaced the oring on the new-to me- fuel tank tap.. looks like it is fuel tight

going over her I discoverd a broken off grease zerk in the 3pt leveling box. hit it with some pb to soak and I'll deal with that another day. I actually have a set of zerk extractor especially for that.. and if not.. I can always drill it out.. :)

looks like I have about 4-5 small tack welds I need to do ont he tin to stop some cracks.. and other than that.. it looks like I am down to sheet metal refinishing, and then reinstalling the radiator and fan.

whew.. I'm pooped..
 07:42 10/09/10  a good find
front tires are shot and the rims are rough but salvageable. i've been scouring the local for sale adds and graigslist for deals on tires or rims. found a set of front tri ribs 6-16 on decent rims a couple cities north. got there.. nic guy.. good to talk to. found out he was parting out a couple tractors, and i was able to get a set of rear 11.2-28's with 90% rubber, some checking.. on 6 loop rims ( new ) and good original centers. I'll swap that rubber onto the 950 so i can move it around and take my time on those lousy power adjust rims.

 07:42 10/09/10  No subject given
had plenty of chores early.. but did manage to put a few hours on the 950.
got the fan and radiator back in, finished making the heat shield over the muffler and installed it.. looks pretty good.. even rolled the edge using some vice grips and a piece of angle iron and some flat stock.

'kustom' made some square nuts like oem by using some .5 x .25 mild steel flat stock, drilling holes and tapping them, then cutting them out by hand.. turned out perfect, and replaced a few fasteners i wanted to keep near oem.

dry fit the doglegs to pedistal so I could hang the hood sides on so I could mark and drill out the holes. my old doglegs had been welded to the old hood and old holes were gone.. so got that all marked and drilled.

gas tank is already on.

still need to finish the muffler bracket. it's already cut welded and bent to shape.. just needs to be screwed on and add a muffler clamp to support the loose end.

that's it.. ran out of time... wanted to do more tinwork.. but works callin!

 17:47 10/10/10  tin work
had a few hours toady, so I worked on the hood center section and side pieces and got them polished down to bare metal. on;y piece of tin not really done is the grill..

I have the tinwork dry fit on the tractor right now with the fasteners loose, just to check fit.

-MIGHT- get some tinwork priming done tomorrow...

06:24 10/11/10

06:24 10/11/10

 06:24 10/11/10  No subject given
some pics of the tin
 16:57 10/11/10  tins
got the hood, grill, seat, and fenders primed.

got the hood painted.

maybee on wednesday I'll start degreasing the chassie.

 14:24 10/13/10  paint n cleanin'
got the fenders shot as well as the seat.

all tin is now painted.

have done -0- work on the rims.. am saving them for last.

pressure washed the chassie, then degreased with foamy engine cleaner.. then pwashed again.. then hit it with purple stuff.. pwash, then more purple stuff.. and final pwash. last wash didn't see any oily residue.. so am feeling good about it.

let her drip dry then hit with the wire wheel to knockt he loose stuff off, then blew off with air gun.

might get to priming chassie on friday.

12:39 10/14/10

 12:39 10/14/10  primer
had a couple hour break between jobs, so shot the chassie with primer.

tolled the new-used front and rear rims i got from craigs list out tot he fence and will pressure wash them tomorrow morning while waiting for the horse farrier to get here.

might even be able to hit them with the wire wheel too.. then perhaps prime them after the farrier leaves


09:58 10/15/10

 09:58 10/15/10  back in the red
had plenty of farm chores this am.. had the farrier come out for the horses at the crack of dawn..then had to fix some broken feeders and auto-float waterers.. but did manage time to power wash the spare set of front and rear rims, and get them ready for primer. actually primered 1 whole front rim.. :)

shot color onto the chassie, cleaned up and am now heading to work.

and yes.. those tires and rims on the tractor are not the ones that will be going on it.. those are coming off for restoration during the winter.. I have a spare set of front and rear rims/tires for the tractor.
 09:48 10/17/10  a lil work
got to work today.. but got the air cleaner painted, as well as the metal air cleaner tube. also got the fuel line installed.


15:11 10/18/10

 15:11 10/18/10  closer
got the wireing done, air cleaner mounted, hood tin back on, and gauges installed, plus steering wheel.

19:34 10/18/10

 19:34 10/18/10  spare rims
spare rims and tires
 09:18 10/20/10  closer
well, yesterday I got the spare rims primed and painted, and then left them to cure. I replaced ignition components, plugs, wires, etc.. must say that I don't like the new 8mm cables tsc is selling. they are still cut to fit.. but have a soft inner core, and are so soft that they are difficult to push thru the boots for the dizzy cap, even with som silicon lube it was a fight on each one.

filled the cooling system back up, did a dry test of the starter / solenoid, as well as polarizing the genny and installing the battery. had a gollon of gas in her and decided to throw the seat on and start her up as a test.. but then noticed a coolant drip :( drained coolant and found I didn't get all of the rust chips off the water pump nozzle, and to top it all off managed to nick the hose removing it.. didn't fell like putting a damaged hose back on.. so that killed the rest of the evenings work..

running by cnh to get a new hose today.. hopefully will get that all installed and test fire her up this evening.

might get rims on firday morning/mid afternoon before work. if so.. then I'll likely get the fenders on as well.. :)

 19:05 10/20/10  inch by inch
hit CNH today and got some new rad hoses.. that got the coolant leak fixed. had saved the brand new collant in a paint and ran it back in thru a paint filter.

nex't I refit that 'kustom' outside the rail exhaust system it had.

replaced the lower pipe as well. still need to tighten it all down, but it's physically on.

dicided to fire her up or try to, and see how everything was doing.

I swear it started on about half a rev.. 12v genny on her from a diesel 01 ( thanks rickb). volt meter said about 13.5v at mid throttle so that looks promising.

oil pressure on 20w50 oil came up to 40psi at idle, and 55 at throttle. when i first got her oil pressure was a bit dismal.. barely made 25.. I normally run my stuff on 15w40 now but decided to try 20w50. will likely use this oil as a fulsh oil and drain and refill early next year after I cut some dry brush with her this winter.. and as long as I can get 25-35 psi on 15w40 I'll call it good.

got the spare rims and centers primed and paitned.. left them to cure yesterday and today.. so likely will fit them up on friday, and then get the fenders on.

havn't touched the lamp shells yet.. need to get working on those.. perhaps saturday?

 14:51 10/21/10  mo werk
had a couple hours between day and night job.. unloaded 16 bags of haus feed into the barn and then decided to finish the exhaust brace and hanger for the exhaust ststem. also finised adding the last 2 clamps it needed.. plus did a small hole repair on the exhaust pipe. tightened a few bolts on some brackets I missed.

looks like tomorrow is wheel/rim day, perhaps fenders too.


10:32 10/22/10

10:32 10/22/10

10:32 10/22/10

 10:32 10/22/10  close now
got the tires and rims swapped... bOY.. won't lie.. them big 14.9-28 are heavy.. bout' wore me out.

got the lamps finished and installed, and got the pto cap painted and installed.

still have to wire the lamps and switch. ( left wires hanging at lamps.. just have to run them ).


07:30 10/23/10

07:30 10/23/10

07:30 10/23/10

07:30 10/23/10

 07:30 10/23/10  el fin
wired up the lamps this am.. solved a peculiar no start problem centered around the fact that I had only put in the old 1/4 gallon og gas I had drained out of her old tank, remarkably, after adding a couple gallons of gas left over for the lawnmower she kicked right to life.

preliminary report.

cold oil pressure 50 psi at mid throttle

hot oil pressure at idle 38

oil pressure with starter spinning and ignition off ( test ) up to 20 psi

Note.. I like the ford 12v genny better than a lucas 12v genny.

at mid throttle the ford genny was kicking 14.28v

lamps are run with seperate ground wires, left a 3rd stud out for a rear work light if needed.. wired and fused for 20a total lighting -if- needed.
starts as soon as you hit the starter button.. perhaps 1/2 rev.

crude spark test.. she'll make a 1/2" spark from secondary wire to block on the old set of points I got her with.

darn.. shoots lightening bolts for sparks and starts on 1/2 rev....begging for an electronic ignition 'upgrade' huh?


06:55 10/25/10

 06:55 10/25/10  No subject given
adding another pic

07:49 10/28/10

 07:49 10/28/10  changing of the guard
swapping mower betwixt 740 and 950

12:57 10/30/10

12:57 10/30/10

12:57 10/30/10

12:57 10/30/10

 12:57 10/30/10  hyds disaster
went to swap the mower the other day then noticed an issue.

hyd arms don't come up very high.

hadn't noticed it as much when the oversized 14.9-28 were on it.. I did a quick up/down check standing onthe arms to make sure they worked when i picked her up.. but never actually ran them all the way up...

put the mower on, and well.. she would lift the mower about an inch!!

jimmying with the draft control made her lift strong but eratic. thus I knew she needed adjustment and probably a cam pin.

took the seat and fenders off, cracked the bolts loose, got the 3pt loose.. which was easy as I just had puit it all back together a week ago :).. then lifted the top cover using a gin pole on my 4000.. ( loader on my 850 didn't have the reach i wanted, plus got the tractor so close as to be in the way.

as soon as i got the cover up my heart sump.

the owner had been into the top cover! it had 2 gaskets and new orings.. and WELDING!

cam pin had been WELDED in. I could tell fromt he back side he had wallowed or drilled the original hole out, and simple welded a new one in at some point.

figured I'd grind it flat on both sides and drill out.. then started looking around. half the cotter pins were missing and in there place glops of weld!

took 2 hours to get that cover apart with wire snips and files and grinding spones on a dremel.

arm holding the cam pin has been so worked over I was afrais to work in more. I ende dup welding up and filing downt he existing pin.

next disaster was the cam itself. it was wore into a bevel with deep striations.

I ended up laying 2 beads of 6010 on it, then using a coarse then fine stone on it, then finished it all up with a couple files, then a hone.

everything was herky jerky loose at first.. adjsuted using alternate method as best possible.. got it a lil to tight, had to re adjust.. called it good, hung it again and pressure washed, crossed the ole fingers and slapped it back on..

was mighty happy when the hyds went right up real good and stopped with no hiccups, and all.. cycled it a few times with some weight in it to make sure, then put up the tools after getting it all back together.

thought I was gonna have to buy a donor lift cover when i saw all the welding in there!


12:57 12/02/10

12:57 12/02/10

12:57 12/02/10

 12:57 12/02/10  making a bumper
making a bumper

11:21 08/07/14

 11:21 08/07/14  No subject given
No text entered
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