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Project Journal - Ford 950
Handle: souNdguy  
Project Name: Ford 950  
Tractor: 950  
Started: 06:38 09/23/10  
Updated: 18:20 10/07/10  
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06:43 09/23/10

 06:43 09/23/10  at purchase
found her on craigslist in south florida. was about a 7.5 hr round trip.

here she is as still on the trailer. unit is rough need lots of repairs and what not.. but she did ccrawl up on the trailer under her own power.

unit started life as a lp gas machine.. model id is 950-L ( the dash is a sideways 1 ).. still has remnants of the old gas regulator and warmer... has a badly home-made gas tank, and the sheet metal is for the lp gas hood so it will need to be replaced. besides.. it's been welded on alot..

has 01 series PA rims that are welded in place, and one side is dished, the other not, and they are welded into different positions. I forsee lots of work to correct that.... lots of extra bits have been welded to the rims..
has 14.9-28's on her.. too big IMHO

 10:15 09/24/10  preliminary evaluation
got her unloaded from the trailer this am.

unit starts on 1 rev ( using a 12v bat and 6v coil with a resistor), no choke. I'm seriously considering going back to 6v on her she seems to start so easilly. May swap the 660 battery over and check that next time I get to work on her.

Most important issue.. I got a new oil pres gauge and cap line fitted, and..... about 15 psi at hot idle ( 350rpm wow! ) and 45 psi throttle. oil smells oil and gassy.. will change the oil and expect to pick up maybee 5 psi.

not superb oil pressure.. but workable. I'm still betting on the oil change.. when i got my 541 it had 20 psi oil pressure on old thin oil, and with 15w40 it went to 35-40.. all in all.. if she will hold 20 psi.. I'm not too worried.

looked the fenders over.. they seem to be correct.. and though there is a couple rust thru's and a dent/crease on one.. i think i can salvage them.

steering feels pretty good.. will clean it up and adjust.. brakes are good, clutch feels good. had to cut and rethread the shifter to add a new ball. found a broken piece out of the front of the head where the front gas tank mount bolts to.. think i can drill it out and fix it.. appears to have enough threads deeper in, and just the outer rim broke off... feel pretty good that one can be saved.

most of the hood is shot. dasha nd cowl can be saved. doglegs are not the best.. but I will save them due tot he cast aluminum pedistal pieces. once has a cracked out part at the bolt hole.. but I may try my hand at aluminum allow soldering and see what happens. lots of broke bolts, and non essential cross threaded bolts i pulle dout and fixed so far.

fuel system is junk.. some jb welded brazed on non oem box tank with fiberglass on the seems.. held in with garden hose!! and a gmc serria fuel line cut and clamped to hard lines at the carb and bottom of tank... oh yeah.. and some leaky fuel petcock..

overall.. ugly as sin, and needing lots of tlc.. but the trans semms to drive good.. rear end seems ok.. steeirng ok.. will need to pull and rebuild the pto shaft as it has play and a leaky seal.

PA rims.... are sad.. I'm going to do my best to salvage them.. but am going to try them 24's i got just for the heck of it..

sad part is.. no rust on the rims.. just some goober-fudpucker welded them up solid for no apparrent reason.


07:59 09/25/10

 07:59 09/25/10  oil change
20 m oil change turned into 1.5 hrs :)

Ok.. why is it that when the last goober works on the tractor, and has to file the oil plug kinda flat, then use a chissle on it, and then rounds it off taking it off witht he pipe wrench.. why don't he REPLACE it.. or.. or.. at least go ahead and weld a big hex nut to it right then.

takes like 5 minutes to weld a hex nut to the old oil drain plug... takes like 30m to haul the cables out of the shop, get the vice grips and nut in place, and then weld out of position etc.. etc.. while kinda laying under.. but not directly under the tractor....

anyway.. got the drain plug out.. no gasket.. just red rtv... didn't even bother trying my hand on the oil filter.. seeing what guber did tot he drain plug I knew it would be on super tight.. it was.. crushed it using a strap wrench to break it free... otherwise oil change went fine! :)

fixed the exhaust elbow ear.. not too bad a job.. feel it should hold.. if it don't, I'll replace it vs fixing again.

no oil in the water and no water in the oil.. good so far.

with new oil, oil pressure jumped to 35 idle and 45 throttle. I was overjoyed at picking up nearly 20 psi on the oil change.. though i did cheat ant went with 20w50 on this change instead of 15w40 like I normally do.

might change again after engine has run 10 hours or so, and go to 15w40 and see what I get at hot idle..

that's all i had time for today!

 15:56 09/26/10  mo werk :)
well. today started out as easy stuff.. new rad cap, change out the block petcock.. ( one I had from tsc wasn't drilled thru.. so that's a bummer.. ).. decided to go ahead and do all fluid changes, since I needed to pull the pto shaft out and rebuild it anyway.

drained all sumps.. had the usual troubles getting out most of the drain, and level check plugs... was expected.. :)

no sumps had water in them.. that's a good sign.

then i got to the front pedistal.. looks like someone broke off a 1/4" extension or some other hard square tool in the plug.. tried spinning it out with a chissle.. finally got out the welder and tried to weld a nut over it.. that didn't work.. or at least not as intended. didn't slin the old plug out.. but did destroy the temper int he hard tool steel in what was in the plug center, so then I started drilling it out.. tried lefty's.. no luck though.. eventually got it as big as I could, then used a drill and pipe tap and just ran new threads in and put in a new plug with inverted alan.. PITA

lets see.. so far today I think I drilled out about a dozen broke off bolts.. what a major PITA.. every other fastener I go to touch is missine with a stump of a bolt in there.. :(

pulled the ROR seat off.. it need welding on a small bracket that cracked.. fixed that.. finished getting the fenders off too.

replaced some pins inthe 3pt linkage as well.

tired now...
 16:02 09/26/10  pto
had a spare pto I rebuilt from my 740 on the shelf so slipped that one in.. it is the longer 1 3/8 style not the stubby. I had a new seal and all so went ahead and rebuilt this pto shaft and now have it as spare on the shelf..

06:29 09/28/10

 06:29 09/28/10  a few more hours
well.. got home at 4:pm.. ate dinner, went out around 5:15, just came in at 7:20... got ALL the sheet metal off the 950.. chased some more bolt holes, cleaned, adjusted and lubed the steering box ( pulled the steer wheel off and cleaned up the splines and never seized them.)

drained the block and installed a new petcock. will likely remove the radiator wednesday afternoon to get at yet another pair of broken bolts in the front of the head that will be needed for the front fuel tank bracket and the genny top bracket.. ho hum.

got the front pedistal cleaned up, and ran out of time filling it with lube.. ( ran out of lube too! ).. started to rain again.. had already removed the air cleaner, so i taped of fthe carb and manifold / muffler and thru a can over the steering colyumn and called it a day...
 09:10 09/29/10  regroup
ran out of lefty drill bits and broke an extractor.. or rather.. wore it out past usefull service.. edges are worn and now it no longer grabs. plus ran out of jugs and tubes of gooey stuff.

had to work a double yesterday, so all I got to do for the poor old girl was hit carquest and grab a jug of antifreeze for when i reassemble her.. more grease and gear lube. grabbed a spare fan belt and some gaskets.

-might- get a change to pull the rad off tonight and drill out another couple bolts in the head... ho-hum...

I'm getting WAY more practice with lefty bits, carbide bits, and straight and fluted extractors than the average shade tree should... :)
 17:45 09/29/10  tooth and nail
had a couple hours to work on the tractor and decided to focus on the last 3 broken bolts that needed to come out to attach the gas tank brackets and genny brackets.

one was a breeze.. 5 minutes, pulled right out, and threads were fine.

then there is one that came out on the right side that has some damage to the rim of the hole. i have decided to not mess with trying to further repair that one till I see how the bracket fits and what, if anything I can or need to do to it.

last hole was in the front for the top geny bracket.. pulle dthe rad and fan, and started at it with a carbide bit, then a lefty. it fialed to budge even on an extractor, so I kept drilling up/ original hole was 3/8 and I finally got the bolt thin enough so that a chase broke it and I dug it out with a pick.. bad news.. hole was already cross threaded some time inthe past, and was likely why the guy broke this bolt off trying to force it.. i ran a chase in.. but there simply weren't enough threads or metal left to do any good. I made the decision to oversize to 7/16 and tap. got 3/4" of solid threads doing it that way, and I fell that should be fine.

STILL have not finished filling the steering pedistal.. but at least I THINK I got all the broken bolts and studs out that i can find.

 12:47 09/30/10  payoff
all that bolt and stud drilling and re-threadin has finally started to pay off.

got home as fedex was dropping of the first batch of used greasy rusty parts. this load from john smith.. a bat box and tank.

bat box fit great. can't mount tank till I get brackets from rickB.

13:31 10/01/10

 13:31 10/01/10  no time to play
snapped a pic or two but no real time to play today.. too many farm chores.

did see one front fuel tank bracket hole that I had drilled out but forgot to tap new threads into. hole was originally 3/8.. stud never would extract, so i drilled it out to accept a 5/16 tap.. tapped that.. now waiting for more parts and time to install them.

STILL have not finished lubing the front pedistal!!
 14:17 10/02/10  torchwork
well, finally finished lubing the steering pedistal. then started to look at the front wheel hubs.. hub ont he left appears to be from a later model.. it has the small cast in ears with a grease fitting between them like my 5000 does. also someone had drilled the cap for a zerk and proke it off. i extracted it and instead installed an inverted hex 1/8" pipe plug. while down there I notices some play in the right side so jacked her up toinspect and repack the front bearings. both sides had 2-part repair nuts on them.. and I'm not sure why.

left side had perfectly good threads.. right side had the first few threads wore down, but the threads after that were fine.. a castly nut would have had NO issues holding it all together. oh well.. cleaned it all up, packed and reassembled. front end is decenlt tight now.

decided it was time to start taking the beat up tin apart and salvage those doglegs. removed the gas tank tied tot he hood with a garden hose and bailing wire... set it safelt FAR aside.

got the o/a bottles out and started on the hood. there was some brazings on the outside connections, and the internal flanges were tack welded every few inches.

got it all apart.. and Imust say.. I am getting DARN good with that torch. glad I got it. so far it is my favorite tool purchase this year. one thing though. I did find out that once you torch the doglegs off the hood, and then you go to rotate the hood around to get the other side.. don't let the inside of yer right arm contact the hood near the warm spot! Yep.. it was so hot outside today I didn't wear my welding jacket.. only my long welding gloves.. got a nice half dollar round spot burned on the underside of the right forearm.. dropped the torch! torch stayed lit and landed right on the hoses!!.. snatched it up quick.. man.. that woulda been bad.. :( oh well.. no melted hoses.. but Imust say.. I won't have hardly any grinder work on the doglegs... I torched them out nearly perfectly.. I'm still tickled with myself..

that was pretty much it for today.. had to go in.. wash up wrap the arm and get to work!
 15:23 10/04/10  burn jelly
today I had to do some mowing after work, so I decided to make a mod to the flex-link on the top of my 11yr old KK hog.. I added the lil tab on the U link so that it could not flip all the way down forward and bind. the newer ones already have this.

that lil bit of cutting used up all my oxygen .. which was 99% depleted when I was cutting apart the tin on my 950 the other day.

used the angle grinder to clean up the cuts and finish getting the doglegs free.

cleane dup the sat pieces and chased their threaded studs... tried to braze an ear back on the cast aluminum pedistal mount where one had a broke ear.. but no good.. i think the porous cast was just to oil contaminated.. no biggie.. I can make it work with a custom made washer and tab.. only a part of the bolt hole is broke out.

greased all the lube fittings on the tractor.. and that was about it.. waiting for parts before I can do much more usefull work on it.

decided to clean the fuel system on the 740 since I had it out to mow.

 18:20 10/07/10  test
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