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Massey Harris MH33 Parts

Category: Fuel System / Air Intake

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Massey Harris MH33 Air Cleaner Oil Cup
Air Cleaner Oil Cup
- Cup is 5 3/4 inches O.D. at the lip. For clamp style air cleaners, not clip style. Replaces 1001012M91, 10P1146, 10P931, 1754014M1, 1K-6054, 1K-6054, 311510, 362974R91, 375550R91, 378333R1, 52864DA, AB1626R, AB3477R, AM3172T, AM465T, AM468T, AT10592, G46325 (Part No: AB1626R)

Massey Harris MH33 Cable Clip for Marvel Schebler Carburetors
Cable Clip for Marvel Schebler Carburetors
- Many Marvel Schelber Carburetors use one of these clips to secure the choke or the fuel cable. On Massey Ferguson and Massey Harris, it is used on the following carburetors: TSX27, TSX27A, TSX28, TSX34, TSX55, TSX62, TSX88, TSX93, TSX155, TSX162, TSX188, TSX193, TSX196, TSX203, TSX228, TSX308, TSX309, TSX357, TSX414, TSX415, TSX505, TSX772, TSX779, TSX882, TSX884, TSX893, TRX27, TRX30, TRX31, TRX36, TRX49, TSV16, TSV24. These carburetors can be found on the following models: 135, 150, 165, 175, 180, 1100, MH303, MH1001, Pony, MH101JR, MH101SR, MH30, MH33, MH81, Colt, MH21, Mustang, MH23, Pacer. MH16, MH44-6, MH82, MH102JR, MH102SR, MH201, MH202, MH203, MH333, MH302, MH406. Replaces Replaces: 15451A, 29-81, B110-10 (Part No: CT29-81)

Massey Harris MH33 Carburetor Kit, Basic
Carburetor Kit, Basic
- Kit for Marvel TSX505, TSX506, TSX506A, TSX596 carbs used on MH33, MH333. (Part No: MS102)

Massey Harris MH33 Carburetor Kit, Basic
Carburetor Kit, Basic
- Fits Zenith carburetors 13339, 11532, 13876, 13863, 13714, 12708, 14987, 12825. For tractor models TO20, TO30, MH81, MH82, 3D combines, 60PT combines, MH30, MH33, MH81, MH82, MH101JR, MH102JR, MH201, MH203, MH333. (Part No: K2119)

Massey Harris MH33 Carburetor, New
Carburetor, New
- New Zenith Carburetor with reversible linkage. These carburetors outperform the original carbs used on: TO20, TO30, 16, 81, 82, 3D combines, 60 PT combines, and industrials using Continental 140, F162 gas engines. Also fits Massey Harris: 30, MH33, 81, 82 101JR, 102JR, 201, 203, 333 (F162 engines). Replaces Marvel-Schebler TSX34, TSX62, TSX88, TSX55, TSX94, TSX155, TSX188, TSX308, TSX312, TSX447, TSX458, TSX505, TSX506, TSX541, TSX308, TSX361A, TSX447, TSX596, TSX606, TSXU828, TSXU829, TSXU831, TSXU832. Massey Ferguson Part numbers 181643M1, 181644M91, 517903M1, 517903M91, 539715M91, 761301M91. Center to center on the 2 mounting studs is 2 5/16 inches. This carburetor comes with studs that attach to carburetor. THIS WILL NOT WORK IN THOSE APPLICATIONS THAT STUDS MUST BE USED IN THE MANIFOLD. 2 5/16 InchES CENTER TO CENTER ON MOUNTING BOLTS. Made in USA, 1 year warranty. (Part No: 12522)

Massey Harris MH33 Carburetor, New
Carburetor, New
- With reversible linkage. This Zenith carburetor outperforms the original carbs used on: MH33G, MH33K, MH333G. Also for 21 & 21 Combines. Replaces Marvel-Schebler TSX414, TSX466, TSX505, TSX506A, TSX596, TSXU835, TSXU836. Center to center on the 2 mounting bolts is 2 3/8 inches.Made in USA, 1 year warranty. (Part No: 14991)

Fuel Cap
- Comes with gasket. Top of cap says, "Buy Cleand Fuel - Keep It Clean". For tractor models MH20, MH21, MH22, Mustang, Challenger, MH30, MH33, MH44, MH81, MH82. 2.725 inch ID, 2.886 inch OD, 5/8 inch high, 1.825 inch inside center diameter, 2.103 inch tang to tang length, 0.398" tang width, and Vented for safety. (Part No: 361337M91)

Massey Harris MH33 Needle Valve
Needle Valve
- Viton Float Valve Needle, Seat and Gasket Assembly for TSX505, TSX93, TSX27, TSX27A, TSX506A, and TSX596. For the following Massey Harris models: MH33, MH102SR, MH201, and MH333 (Part No: C3NN9D532A)

Massey Harris MH33 Sediment Bowl Assembly
Sediment Bowl Assembly
- Sediment bowl. Fits tractor models MH44, MH20, MH22, MUSTANG, MH30, MH33, MH55, MH81, MH82, 50, 165, 180, 135, 150, 175, 202, 204, 302, 304, 2135, 3165, 30, 20, 356. Replaces OEM Part Number 505475M91, 505472M91. Replacement bowl available as part S.65504. (Part No: S.61581)

Massey Harris MH33 Air Cleaner Filler
Air Cleaner Filler
- Fits many air cleaners that use steel wool type filler. Custom manufactured mesh. 1 bag = 3-1/2 inch x 3-1/4 inch. (Part No: S.43231)

Massey Harris MH33 Carburetor Float, Zenith
Carburetor Float, Zenith
- This Float is used in the following Zenith Carburetors: 10277, 12188, 12199, 12205, 12234, 12236, 12238, 12253, 12384, 12389, 12535, 12599, 12654, 12744, 12956, 12982, 13096, 13201, 13206, 13238, 13309, 13355, 13371, 13386, 13405, 13415, 13420, 13452, 13453, 13492, 13549, 13605, 13646, 13653, 13665, 13694, 13705, 13713, 13719, 13720, 13727, 13729, 13730, 13733, 13800, 13803, 13805, 13822, 13825, 13851, 13861, 13862, 13865, 13873, 13878, 13879, 13880, 13902, 13903, 13910, 13933, 13957, 13971, 13975, 13983, 14002, 14017, 14019, 14044, 14086, 14094, 14096, 14099, 14100, 14115, 14133, 14147, 14175, 14178, 14179, 14183, 14993 (Part No: C85-103-S)

Massey Harris MH33 Carburetor Tune-Up Kit
Carburetor Tune-Up Kit
- *** USE Z104 *** (Part No: K2127)

Massey Harris MH33 Choke Cable
Choke Cable
- Universal choke cable 72 inches long, 7/16 inch thread diameter. Being a universal may or may not look like the picture. May say "Choke" or "C" or nothing. (Part No: CC72)

Choke Cable Swivel
- Choke cable swivel attaches the choke inner cable to the choke lever. Used on tractors with a choke cable. (Part No: CT28-49)

Massey Harris MH33 Fuel Filter, In-Line, 1\4 inch
Fuel Filter, In-Line, 1/4 inch
- Inlet 1/4 inch, outlet 1/4 inch, outside diameter 1-29/32 inches, length 4-1/16 inches. (Part No: 6511393)

Massey Harris MH33 Fuel Filter, In-Line, 3\8 inch
Fuel Filter, In-Line, 3/8 inch
- Inlet 3/8 inch, outlet 3/8 inch, outside diameter 1-29/32 inches, length 3-7/8 inches. (Part No: BF836)

Massey Harris MH33 Fuel Filter, In-Line, 5\16 inch, Clear
Fuel Filter, In-Line, 5/16 inch, Clear
- Inlet 5/16 inch, outlet 5/16 inch, outside diameter 2-1/8 inches, length 3-21/32 inches. (Part No: BF7736)

Massey Harris MH33 Fuel Line Sleeve, Pack of 10
Fuel Line Sleeve, Pack of 10
- 7/16 inch outside diameter x 1/4 inch inside diameter x 1/4 inches wide. Replaces 33811113, 3637441M91, 376525X1, 3638466M91 (Part No: 376525X1)

Massey Harris MH33 Fuel Tank Liner
Fuel Tank Liner
- For all fuel tanks. One quart Fuel Tank Liner covers tanks up to 12 gallons. Once cleaned, this tank liner will prevent further corrosion inside your tank. (Part No: R2043)

Massey Harris MH33 Fuel Tank Liner Kit
Fuel Tank Liner Kit
- Works on all metal gas tanks. use with gas or diesel fuels. Kit includes 1 qt cleaner, 1 qt prep solvent, and 1 qt tank liner which covers tanks up to 12 gallons. Includes application instructions. (Part No: NR1259)

Massey Harris MH33 Fuel Tank Screen
Fuel Tank Screen
- This Fuel Tank Screen is used with most stem-type sediment bowls to further protect against debris in the gas line. It has a 0.216 inch Insert Pipe outside diameter - 2.53 inch Overall Length. (Part No: R7949)

Massey Harris MH33 Fuel Tank Webbing, 3 Ft
Fuel Tank Webbing, 3 Ft
- Black woven nylon type material measures .042 inches thick, 15/16 inches wide and 3 foot section. (Part No: FTW494)

Massey Harris MH33 Lucas Fuel Treatment (quart)
Lucas Fuel Treatment (quart)
- Lucas Fuel Treatment is formulated for both gasoline and diesel engines, carbureted or fuel injected. It gives your fuel system what it really needs - a blend of super slick oils and additives with a high detergent action that allows the engine to operate at maximum efficiency. Also, it cleans and lubricates the carburetor and injectors and causes the fuel to burn more thoroughly for increased power and less fuel consumption. Lucas Fuel Treatment should definitely be used in vehicles that require leaded fuel because it actually replaces the benefits of lead in gasoline without causing harmful emissions. Use it to pass smog tests. Finally, it totally neutralizes the harmful effects of low sulfur diesel fuel.A powerful blend of oils and additives that contain no SOLVENTS. Designed to increase power and fuel mileage and also lower exhaust emissions through a more complete combustion. (Part No: LU10003)

Massey Harris MH33 Pre Cleaner Assembly, Turbo 6 Inch
Pre Cleaner Assembly, Turbo 6 Inch
- By removing larger particles, these pre-cleaners will not only prolong serviceability of expensive air filters but minimize machinery downtime as well as extending engine life. Intake: 6 inch. Suitable for engines up to 450 HP. This is a universal part sold by size and not specified for any particular model. Please verify measurements before ordering. (Part No: TPC6)

Massey Harris MH33 Sediment Bowl Gasket, 2-1\8 inch
Sediment Bowl Gasket, 2-1/8 inch
- For bowls with 2-1/8 inch diameter, 2.150 inch outside diameter. Made in the USA. (Part No: C1778R)

Massey Harris MH33 Stop Cable
Stop Cable
- This red knobbed Pull to Stop cable can be used as a stop cable, choke cable or any other functioning cable up to 72 inches in length. It does have a red pull knob that reads, "Pull to Stop". It has a usable cable length of 72 inches. (Part No: PTSTOP)

Massey Harris MH33 Throttle Linkage
Throttle Linkage
- Universal. Adjustable length ranges from 6 3/8 to 6 5/8. Rod can be cut and either re-bent or re-threaded if a shorter length is required. (Part No: 1876343M92)

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Category: Fuel System / Air Intake

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