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International Harvester / Farmall 856 Parts

Category: Lights

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Farmall 856 Bulb, Sealed Beam, Flood
Bulb, Sealed Beam, Flood
- 12-Volt Hi-Beam with Double Contact. It is 35 Watt with a 4.4 Inch Outside Diameter. It is Interchangeable with original lamp 4406 and 4410. Check lamp number before ordering. Replaces: 126470C1, 131203C1, 131348C1, 131508C1 (Part No: 28A116)

Farmall 856 Headlight Washer
Headlight Washer
- Used with light part number 164089AS. Replaces 388947R1. For the following tractors: 806, 1066, 2606, 2706, 2756, 2806, 2826, 666, 706, 756, 766, 826, 856, 966, 1026, 1206, 1256, 1456, 1466, 1468, 1566, 1568, 21026, 786, 886, 986, 1086, 1486, 1586, 21456, 21256, 21206 (Part No: 504781M1)

Farmall 856 Light Bulb, Sealed Beam, 12 Volt
Light Bulb, Sealed Beam, 12 Volt
- This 12-Volt Sealed Beam has Double Contact. It is 35 Watt. Has a 4.365 inch outside diameter. Replaces: L4411, 131508C1, 134039H1, 144072H1, 21-521R1, 371461R91, 373662R1, 373662R91, 394770R2, 535850R1, 635959R91, 725-0133, 725-0222, 725-0588, 80627C1, 9410891, 86594207, 87779219, 925-0222. (Part No: 373662R91)

Farmall 856 Light Switch, 12 Volt, 4 Position
Light Switch, 12 Volt, 4 Position
- For tractor models 1026, 544, 656, 664, 666, 686, 756, 766, 826, 856, 966, 1066, 1456, 1466, 1468, 1566, 1568, 4166, 4186, 4366, 4386, Hydro 70, Hydro 86, Hydro 100. (Part No: 403571R1)

Farmall 856 Rubber Light Bezel
Rubber Light Bezel
- Rubber light bezel for “Hobbs” style light (without glare guard) has 3 outer tabs to attach rubber ring to the light housing, and there are 4 inner tabs to secure to the sealed beam. The bezel has an outer diameter of 5.250 in., inner diameter of 3.625 in. and measures 1.125 in. in width. The bezel slides over the outside of the light housing. You can use this bezel for front, rear or both (light bezels). Verify if you have Hobbs or Guide style before ordering. Replaces Hobbs part 4023. Also replaces 1019386M1, 10P1702, 164494A, 22-364, 269431, 676078R1, 70269431, A25213, B52085, D31441, R16888, R30182 (Part No: A25213)

Farmall 856 Safety Light Amber
Safety Light Amber
- 12 volt amber safety light, 4-1/4 inch diameter, 3/8 inch diameter by 5/8 inch mounting stud. Does not include flasher. Replaces 10A26292, 164177AS, 199954A1, 1K7361F, 248110, 249139, 30-3390705, 3123675R92, 394129R1, 512566M91, 512567M91, 513058M91, 531627R91, 602603ASA, 67538C92, 677540, 70248110, 70249139, A143600, A34853, AA34967, AH164497, AR38456, AR50580, AT22066, AT23467, C5NNA3N359E, D49734, D4NN13N359A, D6NN13N359B, D9NN13N359AA, W164177AS, 130609, L660A-12V, L725-12V, SW02981, TP-AR50580, WN-WL810, 122128 (Part No: S.61357)

Farmall 856 Sealed Beam Bulb 12V
Sealed Beam Bulb 12V
- Sealed beam bulb, 12 volt, 5-3/4 inch diameter, 35 watt, Sealed Beam. Trade number 4419. Replaces: 310062, 230252, 2084379, 70230252, T20958, TO17074, 371443R91, 002803M91, 1038428M91, 1751347M91, 1754916M91, 102213A, 30-2020521 (Part No: 70230252)

Farmall 856 Bulb, 12V, 5W, BAY15D Base
Bulb, 12V, 5W, BAY15D Base
- This Stop/Tail light Bulb is 12 Volts, 5 Watts with a BAY15D Base. It replaces: (Allis Chalmers 70928348, 72010038), (Ford / New Holland 81AG13464AA, 839336590), (Massey Ferguson 908543D1, 908543M1), International 14144690, Lucas 380, Neglin 11437, Osram 7528, Phillips 12499, Splendor 8510, Tifra 3351, Toplamp 265. (Part No: S.5074)

Farmall 856 Bulb, Side \ Indicator 12V, 21W, BA15S Base
Bulb, Side / Indicator 12V, 21W, BA15S Base
- This Side / Indicator Bulb is 12 Volt, 21 Watts with a BA15S Base. It replaces 81781C1, A41264, A42295, B50218, L32258, 1-9065, 22-667, 3025210R91, 7797137, 9417866, A40855, 376902A1, 87720314, 80529068, 9970121, BN300874, SBA385120280, SFD019065, C3DB13465A, 81AG13466AA, 83BG13466AA, 83948319, 83918332, 1271735C1, AF1638, B1SB1156, LF522, LF522J, VLC0382, W164178A, 1018729M1, 14148190, 2300969, 529068, 621235D1, 621235M1, 72010005, 72097583, 81AG13466AA, 83933658, SW01855, 70251859, 71164984, Lucas 382, Neglin 13092, Osram 7506, Philips 12498, Philips 12498LLB2, Splendor 9042, Tifra 381, Toplamp 264. (Part No: S.5079)

Farmall 856 Fender and Cab Warning Light
Fender and Cab Warning Light
- Super bright, this 4-1/4 inch diameter warning light has 48 LED x 1 W (48 Watts) diodes (24 per side). This is a double sided light and works with 12-30 volts. Features water dust resistance rating ip67. It has an aluminium body with mounting stud that is 1/2 inch diameter x 1-7/8 inches long. Includes washers and nut. Polycarbonate Lens. This light requires a flasher unit. If you need a flasher, order part number LED90. (Part No: 28A43)

Farmall 856 Flashing Warning Light
Flashing Warning Light
- Double Sided Flashing Warning Light with Flasher, with Switch. Replaces C5NN13N359E, D3NN13R300E11M, D3NN13R300E30M, D4NN13N359C (Part No: D3NN13R300E11M)

Farmall 856 Headlight Assembly, Teardrop - 6 Volt
Headlight Assembly, Teardrop - 6 Volt
- Original Style, TEAR-DROP shaped back. PAINTED RED. 6-VOLTS. Approx 5" diameter. Price is for one complete headlamp assembly. Original replacement for many IH tractors. Verify your configuration (Teardrop vs. Flat-Back) before ordering. (Part No: 45640DB)

Farmall 856 Headlight Assembly, Teardrop- 12 Volt
Headlight Assembly, Teardrop- 12 Volt
- Original Style, TEAR-DROP shaped back. PAINTED RED. 12-VOLTS. Approx 5" diameter. Price is for one complete headlamp assembly. Original replacement for many IH tractors. Verify your configuration (Teardrop vs. Flat-Back) before ordering. (Part No: 45640DB-12V)

Farmall 856 Implement Light
Implement Light
- Tractor Implement Light. Durable, molded weatherproof housing cushions the par 36 sealed beam from road shock and vibration. Universal, 5/16 inch stud and adjustable zinc-plated bracket allow mounting in any position. 10 inch lead wire exits through the back of the housing. Sealed beam snaps into housing for fast and easy service. (Part No: L505-12V)

Farmall 856 Implement Lights Socket, 7 Pin
Implement Lights Socket, 7 Pin
- Used across many brands of North American produced equipment, this 7 pin light socket features a metal housing. It replaces manufacturer part numbers 70269642, 30-3130576, 3715923M91, 73764, AR75695, A145795, A177539, A67470, E4NN13N426BA, V60345, 121645C1, 22-789, 30-3130576, 3121645C1, 3666764M1, 3713127M1, 3715923M91, 402431A2, 70269642, 737641, 82001021, 84117C1, 87451540 (Part No: 5407S)

Farmall 856 LED Combination Flash and Turn Lamp
LED Combination Flash and Turn Lamp
- With many applications, this light is a replacement for OEM numbers 92185C1, 216044C91, 216044C92, 92260C1, 130882C91, 107324C91, V93104, V77050, 9706415, 86014019, 86023276, 86016518, 86012669, 87053368, 83977683. It can also be used as a universal warning / turn signal light. The lamp measures in inches 3 1/8 inches tall and 6 3/4 wide. The mounting holes are 5 3/4 inches center to center. Works for 12-24 volts. This is a 2 wire unit. Black wire is ground, Red wire is power. This light does not flash without an external flasher unit. If needed, order LED90. (Part No: WL3630)

Farmall 856 LED Flasher
LED Flasher
- Only needed when typical flasher will not operate LED warning lights due to the lack of power draw and low resistance which is required to make lights flash. Unit flashes 50 time per minute. Voltage 12V. Amperage 0.05A -10A. Used with LED Warning lights: WL3630, WL6025, 28A43, 28A44. (Part No: LED90)

Farmall 856 LED Warning \ Turn Signal Light
LED Warning / Turn Signal Light
- While this part replaces many Original Equipment Manufacture's part numbers, including 20-1950T91, 22-665, 22-665T1, 586743M91, 586743M92, 592544, 60-6246T1, 70577137, 72160876, 72160876, 72160876, A187626, AR60250, this LED lamp can also be used as a universal light. Using e LED lights, it measures 7-3/4 inches in length, 2 inches high, with 7 inch center-to-center mounting holes. It is 1-1/2 inches deep. It operates in a 10-30 Volt range. Used in Negative ground systems (black wire is the ground), this lamp features an ABS housing and is IP67 waterproof and shock proof rated. This light will outlast conventional incandescent lamps with a 50000 hours expected lifetime. The operating temperature is -40 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. No bulbs or ballast to replace. Requires LED90 Flasher Unit to make it flash (sold separately). (Part No: WL6025)

Farmall 856 Light Bulb, Sealed Beam, 6 Volt
Light Bulb, Sealed Beam, 6 Volt
- 4-1/2 inch number 4511. (Part No: 373661R91)

Farmall 856 Portable Halogen Work Lamp
Portable Halogen Work Lamp
- 3 inch x 5 inch sealed beam unit, 12 volt, 50 watt, 4 amp. With handle and magnetic base. Projects flood beam pattern 50 foot wide x 30 foot long. Lamp is not legal for street use. (Part No: L200MAGH)

Farmall 856 Red Lens Tail Lamp
Red Lens Tail Lamp
- Lamp complete with bulb. Tail light assembly, 4-1/2 inch diameter red lens, body includes license lamp window. 12 volt. 1-7/8 inch mounting bolt spacing. This is a universal part and not listed for specific applications. Verify measurements before ordering. Serviceable replacement for the following OEM numbers 10A24895, 121846C91, 155005A, 162009AS, 30-3393747, 35A3316, 370306R91, 370716R91, 376850R91, 379789R91, 404418R1, 45645HA, 602603AS, 967696R92, A36831 (Part No: L428-12V)

Sealed Beam Light
- 6 Volt (Part No: R2712)

Sealed Beam Light
- 12 Volt (Part No: R2713)

Farmall 856 Switch, Light, with Knob
Switch, Light, with Knob
- Universal switch, for 6 volt tractors. Verify style is correct for your model. (Part No: AA4667R)

Farmall 856 Tail Lamp
Tail Lamp
- There is no reason that this can't be used for your tractor if you need tail lights. This Round tail light is 4 inches around, with 2 1/2 inch center to center mounting holes. It is 1 1/2 inches deep and has 2 wire. If you need this light as a warning light or turn signal, order LED90 to go with it. This part is for 12 volt systems. (Part No: 131183C91)

Farmall 856 Warning Light, Red LED
Warning Light, Red LED
- Be seen with this universal Red LED Warning light! This is a Super Bright LED featuring 25 diodes per side. It is for 12 Volt Systems. The 3 Wires are White-Ground, Black-Low Brightness and Red-High Brightness. The Lens Size is 4.000 inches. The lens is Acrylic and the body is metal. Nuts and Washers are included. This lamp can blink by using part number LED90 (not included). (Part No: 28A44)

Farmall 856 Work Light 12V
Work Light 12V
- Universal Work light is 12 volt, 3000 candle power, and a trapezoidal light pattern. I does swivel up and down, not side-to-side. Comes with 4-1/2" diameter sealed beam lamp, part number L4411. Does not have a switch on the back. (Part No: L408-12V)

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Category: Lights

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