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Serial Number Registry

The registry currently contains 597 entries for FARMALL/INTERNATIONAL M tractors. If you haven't already done so, please consider adding yours. Click on a serial number for additional info on that tractor and to contact the owner. [ Return to Registry ]

M Serial #sEngine #YearLocation
106906IL, US
200324IA, US
42715248PA, US
57180UT, US
594793-2000MI, US
95831 X1NY, US
FBK 13639??MN, US
FBK 200397XIN, US
FBK 217751 XI6722-DDWI, US
FBK 223963 XINE, US
FBK 23137NY, US
FBK 231581X1NY, US
FBK 235064AL, US
FBK 236728 X1MI, US
FBK 237758X1CA, US
FBK 274093 X1KS, US
FBK 289040 X1TX, US
FBK 60906MT, US
FBK-105556MN, US
FBK-130804X1IN, US
FBK-166020X20CA, US
FBK-190222X1ID, US
FBK-288502KY, US
FBK-5819OH, US
FBK-66777NY, US
FBK-99421X1WA, US
FBK115605TN, US
FBK137941X1AZ, US
FBK150838X1TX, US
FBK191334X1IL, US
FBK191365X1NC, US
FBK203585-1TX, US
FBK231595X20AAZ, US
FBK237758X1CA, US
FBK238336X1BCO, US
FBK243995AR, US
FBK250243XVT, US
FBK263917IA, US
FBK274093 X1KS, US
FBK279002NC, US
FBK282466 X1MI, US
FBK32714TX, US
FBK50436NY, US
FBK72395AZ, US
FBX 114798MN, US
MFBK152665NH, US
SM F52627JLA, US
10731939CO, US
112711271939OH, US
13281939SOU, UK
15081939NY, US
186718671939ME, US
21971939VT, US
22571939TN, US
36111939PA, US
387638761939TX, US
416841681939WI, US
4434 2-19-J1939IN, US
550155011939MO, US
6-I6722-DG1939NJ, US
63831939NM, US
69001939IL, US
719571951939IL, US
724441939TX, US
8002-DD6722-DG1939TX, US
83091939WI, US
9721939WI, US
FB 760FB 7601939IL, US
FBK 15996940-DJ1939MN, US
FBK 19821939TN, US
FBK 22571939TN, US
FBK 23441939IL, US
FBK 25901939MN, US
FBK 366536771939IL, US
FBK 51491939COL, UNI
FBK 516FBK 5161939, US
FBK 547 5471939TX, US
FBK 566FBK 5661939MO, US
FBK 62511939MI, US
FBK 67631939CA, US
FBK 70531939SI, NZ
FBK 719471941939WI, US
FBK 7331939OR, US
FBK 760FBK 7601939IL, US
FBK 9641939QLD, AU
FBK-22571939TN, US
FBK-26841939IL, US
FBK-57411939N/A, US
FBK-63021939TX, US
FBK-760FBK-7601939IL, US
FBK171111939NH, US
FBK18531939IA, US
FBK1874FBK18741939WI, US
FBK3088FBK30881939TX, US
FBK35001939MN, US
FBK4356FBK43561939MS, US
FBK529FBK5291939MN, US
FBK5475471939TX, US
FBK55601939IN, US
FBK56501939CO, US
FBK70681939NE, US
FBK760FBK7601939IL, US
FBK7827821939IL, US
102781940AL, US
132681940NM, US
14756GAS1940SD, US
16188161881940WI, US
189041940IA, US
230031940WI, US
25118251181940IN, US
7240-253701940OK, US
754675461940ID, US
78891940GA, US
8002283 CHEVY1940IL, US
851185111940IL, US
FBK 130041940SA, AU
FBK 175661940NY, US
FBK 184346722-D1940MN, US
FBK 22375FBKM 265651940PA, US
FBK 232441940MI, US
FBK 733121940KS, US
FBK 84991940QLD, AU
FBK-104771940MN, US
FBK-112246722-DJ1940IA, US
FBK-154101940IL, US
FBK-184831940TN, US
FBK-46751940MI, US
FBK127141940MN, US
FBK148151940MO, US
FBK24508FBK245081940MN, US
FBK7526?1940MO, US
FBK75911940OR, US
261881941GA, US
268931941NC, US
27676276761941IN, US
303441941NC, US
309771941LA, US
317231941MN, US
323251941CO, US
3570180020C? OR B28K?1941IA, US
39033??????1941NC, US
396301941SC, US
396311941SC, US
39661FBKM 637481941MT, US
403091941MN, US
40333UNKNOWN1941MD, US
41523415231941MO, US
415731941TX, US
42241415371941KS, US
42616FBKM426161941IN, US
48021UNKNOWN1941AL, US
489866722-DJ1941IA, US
494631941MI, US
50851 X11941OH, US
51021UNK1941NY, US
F-30263J1941WI, US
FBK 33924FBKM 33495 DEAN FRM1941ND, US
FBK 180856X11941WI, US
FBK 29077 X61941SD, US
FBK 29134FBKM 126951941NC, US
FBK 330821941KY, US
FBK 331031941TX, US
FBK 342541941TX, US
FBK 363411941WY, US
FBK 374371941TX, US
FBK 384941941SC, US
FBK 41700FBKM 41041941IA, US
FBK 42616FBKM426161941IN, US
FBK 452011941TN, US
FBK 484471941SD, US
FBK 489761941OK, US
FBK 571801941UT, US
FBK-274231941IA, US
FBK-356755722-DJ1941KS, US
FBK-396301941SC, US
FBK-402011941MA, US
FBK-437821941MT, US
FBK203227 X5FBKM1952211941CO, US
FBK301011941CA, US
FBK32208?1941ME, US
FBK340711941IL, UNI
FBK408731941NC, US
FBK44449356980R11941NC, US
FBK462971941TN, US
FBK479331941IA, US
FKB 349601941WY, US
133031942IA, US
514931942WI, US
5215515951942KY, US
522271942MO, US
528711942OH, US
544071942IL, US
FBK 55884 X1551711942ND, US
FBK 56324 X11942AZ, US
FBK 56324 X11942AZ, US
FBK 589581942MI, US
FBK 598471942NE, US
FBK512411942IN, US
FBK535041942IL, US
FBK53984X11942OH, US
FBK591816943 DJ1942WA, US
60251 X1943MN, US
606591943NC, US
617191943NY, US
624166722DB1943NC, US
638641943KY, US
64007632721943GA, US
64068640681943KY, US
64540C-2481943MN, US
649061943WI, US
64965642301943IL, US
FBK 41341943NM, US
FBK 65442FBKM 647071943NY, US
FBK 67199X11943IL, US
FBK-616651943TX, US
FBK-64236XIFBKM63501XI1943NH, US
65376653761944NB, CA
713941944MN, US
728491944MD, US
79782X1944N/A, US
806091944GA, US
823101944IN, US
82717XI1944NY, US
846171944MN, US
860131944CA, US
FBK 73669FBKM 1861161944NC, US
FBK 67905 XI1944IL, US
FBK 68129FBK 113321944IA, US
FBK 687011944MI, US
FBK 70821FBKM 700741944NC, US
FBK 70969X1FBK 97227X1 6722-DH1944OH, UNI
FBK 72024?1944WI, US
FBK 72477 X6FBKM 717051944WA, US
FBK 798431944MI, US
FBK 82740 XIFBK M 81820 XI1944IN, US
FBK-724231944CO, US
FBK-78181X5FBKSM77356X51944CO, US
FBK-790491944NM, US
FBK674251944PA, US
FBK745631944NV, UNI
FBK81082X31944PA, US
FBK874871944KS, US
FBX876071944NC, US
1001471945MI, US
1048376722-DH1945OH, US
919331945IN, US
FBK 100135 X11945NY, US
FBK 1024181945VIC, AU
FBK 1031881945VA, US
FBK 680271945KY, US
FBK 90932 X11945IN, US
FBK 96325 X18550 ?1945KS, US
FBK 967581945NC, US
FBK 97549 X11945IA, US
FBK 99110 X1945KS, US
FBK-88789X16722DH1945ND, US
FBK-93735-X11945VA, US
FBK1001471945MI, US
FBK1010021945NY, US
FBK1041291945AL, US
FBK675421945PA, US
FBK88110X11945WI, US
FBK93137M1945IL, US
FBKM 92632FBKM 915451945TX, US
1066471946IND, UNI
1066961946IA, US
1103111946KY, US
1110931946PA, US
112178FBM1108681946NE, US
115173 X51946WY, US
1181301946ND, US
1779921067021946TX, US
FBK 117912FBKM 888871946QLD, AUS
FBK 1215371946IN, US
FBK- 1099681946ND, US
FBK-109239-X1C-2641946MN, US
FBK-1131608002-DD1946NY, US
FBK-1164081946OH, US
FBK107030NA1946NE, US
FBK115501 X11946CO, US
FBK116440FBKM1164401946TN, US
FBK1174228002 DD1946NC, US
FBK140085XI1946PE, CAN
12364D13281947HAM, UK
1347721347721947IN, US
1379261947IL, US
13862X11947IA, US
1390371947MN, US
147416X1????????1947IN, US
FBH332831X11947TN, US
FBK 1147101947WA, US
FBK 123037 X1FBKM121627 X11947PA, US
FBK 125380 XI1947MN, US
FBK 1324941947KY, US
FBK 132494 X11947KY, US
FBK 137173 XA3722-DJ1947MO, US
FBK 142999FBK 567531947TX, US
FBK 144287 X11947OH, US
FBK 155787X11947OR, US
FBK 187405 X11947OH, US
FBK-1246586722-9?1947AR, US
FBK124610FBKM1232001947AB, CA
FBK1251811947TX, US
FBK125380X11947MN, US
FBK125599X11947IN, US
FBK127738X1KM126308X11947WA, US
FBK1304351947TX, US
FBK134666X1FBKM132366 X1;6722DJ1947IA, US
FBK1366141947OH, US
FBK138462FBKM13671721947AZ, US
FBK142001X11947MI, US
FBK145408X1FBKM142508X11947OH, US
FBK145768?????1947WA, US
FBK148975X11947TX, US
FBK182052X11947IN, US
1234 NO PLATEFBK M 152384. X31948CAN, NZ
155 ?1948SC, US
1629801948PA, US
163749X11948IN, US
1649531948PA, US
1654391948OH, US
166166X1NONE1948OK, US
1673911948MN, US
1684261948KY, US
172152X1 FBK1948IN, US
173032NA1948IN, US
1753391948MI, US
1782921948NM, US
1826981948IN, US
FBK 1904486722-DO1948MN, US
FBK 152905X1FBKM 149005X11948IA, US
FBK 154805X1----1948IN, US
FBK 156083 XI1948MI, US
FBK 156488 XIB1948CO, US
FBK 162084 X11948MI, US
FBK 162264 XL1948PA, US
FBK 163466 X11948MO, US
FBK 1654391948OH, US
FBK 1709791948CO, US
FBK 172291 XI1948OK, US
FBK 172573X11948IL, US
FBK 182839 X51948UT, US
FBK-1529001948NE, US
FBK-1627951948SC, US
FBK-164402X11948IN, US
FBK-175364X1948PA, US
FBK148709X11948OK, UNI
FBK151552X11948OH, US
FBK153181X11948ME, US
FBK155698X11948GA, US
FBK158481X11948CA, US
FBK164968X14CLY1948MN, US
FBK1663398002DD1948MI, US
FBK167043SMITH1948OH, US
FBK170357X11948OH, US
FBK1714771948GA, US
FBK1730321948IND, UNI
FBK173121948MN, US
FBK173490X5722-DO1948NC, US
FBK178423FBKM1712231948IL, US
FBK178557X11948QC, CA
FBK179004X16722-DJ1948MO, US
FBK180303X11948KY, US
FBK277770X11948TX, US
FBK279384X11948TX, US
FBX164968X11948MN, US
_FBK1545551948AL, US
1/2 MISSINGFBKM-44782 X31949SC, US
190467-X11949MO, US
190736 X119491949ON, CA
195876 X11949NE, US
197029X11890291949NY, US
202312 X11949MN, US
203308X201949TN, US
203620 X11949IL, US
207535X11949KY, US
208323 X1199328 X11949WI, US
2097301949IA, US
209905X1209905X11949OK, US
210718-1X1949NE, US
2113091949NM, US
212190XI1949ME, US
FBK 172 126 X11949MN, US
FBK 187627 X1FBKM 179427 X11949ND, US
FBK 182288X201949MO, US
FBK 182714 X11949MO, US
FBK 184065 X11949OH, US
FBK 184714 X11949TX, US
FBK 1895296722 DJ1949SC, US
FBK 191476 XL1949PA, US
FBK 192260 X1FBKM 184260 X11949KS, US
FBK 194333 X1FBKM 1943331949PA, US
FBK 2005581949NC, US
FBK 2016451949GA, US
FBK 201926 X11949IL, US
FBK 2031731949AL, US
FBK 203611 XI1949TX, US
FBK 208923X11949IN, US
FBK 211034 X11949IA, US
FBK 234567-X1949NY, US
FBK- 180195 X11949IN, US
FBK-192429X1FBKM-1844291949MI, US
FBK-192596-X1C-2481949MN, US
FBK-193053X1SAME1949WI, US
FBK-2057571949MN, US
FBK-209976-1X1949MN, US
FBK-2103926722 DJ1949GA, US
FBK176845XI1949KS, US
FBK1805151949FL, US
FBK180667X11949MI, US
FBK181501XL1949KS, US
FBK181685X11949IA, US
FBK182911X11949TN, US
FBK1863481949MD, US
FBK186841SMITH1949OH, US
FBK187405 X1FBK179205 X11949OH, US
FBK187412FBK1792121949NC, US
FBK189441X11949MI, US
FBK201512X16722DJ1949IA, US
FBK202993 X1FBKM1949931949ND, US
FBK210153X11949IN, US
FBK212436XB20343B1949CO, US
FBK213307FBK2043071949MO, US
FBK4280X3A1595?1949QLD, AU
2147121950OH, US
2190521950WY, US
221 322 X11950IL, US
221220XI1950KS, US
221562 X16722-DJ1950WA, US
224,515 XI1950MN, US
225415NA1950IN, US
236 849FBKM 226 8491950TX, US
2368491950TX, US
24276215951950FL, US
2456691950NM, US
33082N/A1950KY, US
FBK 224841 ?1950FL, US
FBK 214688 X11950MI, US
FBK 21773 X 11950MA, US
FBK 221750 XI6722-DJ1950MO, US
FBK 223045 XIB1950SD, US
FBK 223432 X11950MI, US
FBK 2254151950IND, UNI
FBK 2272691950OK, US
FBK 2288251950AL, US
FBK 229638 X I6722-DJ1950AB, CA
FBK 229980XI1950KS, US
FBK 232228 X11950NC, US
FBK 235714 X1FBKM 648091950IN, US
FBK 236097X12360971950IL, US
FBK 236643X1FBKM 2266431950OH, US
FBK 236849X1RKM 2268491950TX, US
FBK 243336 X1FBK 232336 X11950MN, US
FBK 243525 X11950SE, US
FBK 246419 X1F2354191950IN, US
FBK-223219XI1950MN, US
FBK-226608X1SAME1950MI, US
FBK-M 2230541950MA, US
FBK217278 XIFBK208278XI1950MN, US
FBK218873XI1950MO, US
FBK223202 X11950CO, US
FBK223454XI1950OR, US
FBK2245651950ME, US
FBK225004X20A?1950OH, US
FBK228636X1FBKM219636X11950MO, US
FBK231945X1FBK221945X11950AZ, US
FBK232197X11950MS, US
FBK232691X11950KS, US
FBK2340731950NE, US
FBK234402X11950NY, US
FBK235078X11950SD, US
FBK235245 X18002- DJ1950IL, US
FBK238676X11950ON, CA
FBK239945BKM2299451950NE, US
FBK241569XIF1950ME, US
FBK242268XI1950TN, US
FBK244499X1F6722-DJ1950MD, US
FBK244887XI1950OH, US
FBK245144X11950IN, US
FBK245146X11950ME, US
FBK245238XI1950NY, US
FBK2468201950NE, US
FBK2469891950CA, US
FBK253164X1FBKM255319SX11950MN, UNI
256826 XIFBKM 244826 XI1951IA, US
2592361951OH, US
259714X16722-DJ1951KS, US
269681X31951VT, US
2706401951NY, US
281132X1FBKM2691321951IN, US
285963X1272963X1????1951OK, US
2864491951PA, US
290090?1951IA, US
FBK 2503741951N/A, US
FBK 276945X1?1951OH, US
FBK 247636 X11951IN, US
FBK 2503741951GA, US
FBK 250979X1BFBKM238979X1B1951CO, US
FBK 251289X11951FL, US
FBK 255501 X11951WV, US
FBK 258212FBKM2462121951PA, US
FBK 2587162467161951TN, US
FBK 26044267 22 D1951WI, US
FBK 260620X1E1951WA, US
FBK 262181X11951WA, US
FBK 262713 X I1951OH, US
FBK 2627272481951IL, US
FBK 263583 X11951MI, US
FBK 264030?1951MN, US
FBK 266960NA1951MN, US
FBK 270440X 11951MD, US
FBK 270572X11951SD, US
FBK 273339X1FBKM 2613391951N/A, CA
FBK 2807921951NE, US
FBK 281190X11951TX, US
FBK 281491 X1G1951NY, US
FBK 284070X11951MN, US
FBK 286175X11951NC, US
FBK 2908932641951ILU, US
FBK245616-X-11951NC, US
FBK2465232355281951IL, US
FBK250345X11951ILL, UNI
FBK250593X16722-DJ1951MI, US
FBK252100 X11951MI, US
FBK252793X11951OH, US
FBK256720X11951MO, US
FBK257372XI1951MN, US
FBK257826X11951TX, US
FBK258366 X1FBKM245366 X11951ND, US
FBK265817X1KM254617X11951MN, US
FBK266464 X I1951BC, CA
FBK267587 X11951NE, US
FBK271349X16722DJ1951WY, US
FBK271505X11951IN, US
FBK271594X1FBKM260594X11951AZ, US
FBK273074X11951WY, US
FBK276026X11951IN, US
FBK276945X11951OH, US
FBK277372X16722DJ1951IA, US
FBK277456X1FBKM16184X11951MN, UNI
FBK281090X11951OH, US
FBK282204X11951WV, US
FBK2826811951WI, US
FBK286025X11951IA, US
FBK287071X11951KY, US
FBK287890FBKM1705191951MS, US
FBK288940X11951NY, US
FBK290330X20A1951CA, US
FBK295581X11951TX, US
FBKM265817X1KM254617X11951MN, US
FBX286899X1??1951KY, US
*************************1952AL, US
2922361952KY, US
2955921952MI, US
297563X1?1952MI, US
799341952MN, US
F 50919 J1952IA, US
FBK - 8556X3AFBK - M2788X3A1952QLD, AU
FBK 2859631952OK, US
FBK 291847X11952KY, US
FBK 292224FBKM 2792241952TX, UNI
FBK 293377 X11952OH, US
FBK 2935502 X11952IA, US
FBK 296965 X IG1952IN, US
FBK292298 X11952IL, US
FBK293017X11952KY, US
FBK293742 X1FBKM280742 X11952OH, US
FBK294184X11952MI, US
FBK295590X11952MO, US
FBK2959351952TX, US
FBK2965601952AR, US
?1953CT, US
F - 45432J1953MN, US
F-22811 J1953TX, US
L506874J2641953IN, US
79014DS132600D1954N/A, US
????????1954NC, US
F21515J AJ357023 RI1957SC, US

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