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Featured Auction:
Ed Spiess' Lesser Known Classics
- 55 Tractors!

Auction Preview Video

This professionally produced video will preview the Ed Spiess collection of "Lesser Known Classics" together for the last time, allowing collectors to examine important models prior to the auction. Narration will include the description and condition of the tractor as well as background information about the manufacturer. Also included is footage taken of Ed and his personal thoughts about the tractor collecting hobby. This unique video is a collectors item in itself. Whether you are a potential buyer or just like old iron, you'll enjoy this "Collection of a Lifetime".

Videos can be ordered for $20.00 postage paid from Aumann Auctions. Call our toll free number (1-888-AUCTN-4U) and order yours by credit card or send your check to: Aumann Auctions, 20114 Illinois Route 16, Nokomis IL 62075.

A full-color 32 page souvenir booklet is available showing terms and conditions, maps and a brief description and history of each tractor. The tractors will be cataloged in the order of which they will be sold. Catalogs are $6.00 postage paid and can be ordered by sending a check to Aumann Auctions or call with your Visa or Mastercard number for immediate shipment. Save the cost of postage by ordering a video and a souvenir booklet together for $25.

Auction is May 15, 1999, 10:00 AM in Rock Island, IL
(Preview: May 14, Noon to 6:00 PM)

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